Liber Attercap


The Host
Mihir, Archangel of Friendship
Tamiel, Archangel of the Deep
The Horde
Abatha, Princess of Madness
Hashmal, Prince of Beasts
Rahab, Prince of the Seas

The Host
Dumah, Seraph of Silence
Kakkiel, Malakite of Storms
Morael, Kyrotate of Fear
The Horde
Af, Djinn of Wrath
Gyggel & Kakkal
Jack, Shedite of Haunted Toys
Kezef, Calabite of Decay
Morrthis, Impudite of Syrup
Perdix, Balseraph of Despair

Arelim, The Valiant
Ifrit, The Curses
Marsiths, The Tormentors

Pancake Breakfast

Weapon Thermos


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Liber Attercap

Welcome to Liber Attercap, yet another unofficial In Nomine website clogging up space on the Tubes. Yes, it's true. I'm the reason it takes you three days to get your Internet when your secretary sends it. Well, me and the porn.

The site has been populated with a lot of my older In Nomine works, which some of you may recognize from my previous Touched By An Impudite website. This site also contains new In Nomine works.

Liber Attercap is also the home to Daybreak, my table-top Detroit-based In Nomine campaign. Because many-to-most of my new In Nomine works are directly related to the campaign, updates may be slow to sporatic until each relevant session is run. However, please keep checking back for updates.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. Hope you find something you like.
-Erich "Attercap" Arendall

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